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Sekotong Bay Southwest Lombok Island – Indonesia

Southwest Lombok
The roads in South West Lombok are well maintained, and the scenic drive from Mataram or Lembar is fairly relaxing. The transport price depend on your talent in bargaining and therefore can vary quite a bit. If you calculate around USD 15 you should be able to find a car and driver without to much problem. In any case, make sure you arrange the price before the journey starts.

Until recently, due to its challenging reef breaks at Bangko Bangko and Dessert Point, South West Lombok was only known amongst surfers. Now this paradise has also been discovered by Scuba Enthusiasts and vacationers searching for white beaches and relaxation.
But not only travelers have found a new interest in South Lombok. Also now hotels and other tourist oriented businesses are slowly developing in the south of Lombok. For example the 5 star resort “Sundancer” is due to open in 2007.

A scenically spectacular highway follows the inside coast of the foot like southwest peninsula of Lombok. This road skirts beaches of the whitest sand. Bays of tourquoise water and small islands characterise the offshore panoramas.
The road to the Bangko-Bangko area tha includes world famous Desert Point surf location considered by many to be the best left breaking wave in Indonesia. Also go for hikes on the headland and explore the caves and huge canons alegacy of the Japanese occupation

Sekotong is a new destination in Lombok, The beaches in this are is spectacular and very quite, Sekotong is yet develop are in Lombok but in several year more as Sundancer Resort operate, Sekotong become the next Senggigi in Lombok.

If you interest to visit the GILIS in southwest lombok,You will pass Sekotong area, Gili Islands next to Sekotong is popular among divers as the reefs in this are is much…much… better then in Gili Islands in the North side of Lombok.

Fomous Gili Nanggu:
Gili Nanggu is a small Island Southwest of Lombok with a beautiful white
sandy beach, it is surrounded by many small Islands, which also beautiful
place for snorkelling and swimming

There are also several Gili islands in the near gili nanggu ideal for snorkeling and diving such as Gili Kedis, Gili Poh, Gili Gede and many more to west side f sekotong bay.

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